Meditations on Design (Used Book) - John Wheatman

Meditations on Design (Used Book) - John Wheatman

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Home is a place to express yourself. Whether a five-story walk-up or a palatial penthouse, home should creatively reflect its owner, whatever the size, location, or budget.

Renowned designer John Wheatman has worked with apartment dwellers, country homesteaders, and city sophisticates over the course of his extensive and award-winning career in interiors. Now, he's making the expertise usually reserved for clients available to all with his first book, Meditations on Design, a simple and sumptuous study that applies his distinctive design principles to every kind of interior. Every idea and suggestion is based on Wheatman's philosophy that while a living space should be functional and comfortable, it should also reflect the life within it and make that life more enriched and fulfilled.

John Wheatman's trade secrets in Meditations on Design will enable readers to claim their living space, make it their own, and display the things they love so their home can say, "This is who I am." From "tablescapes"--the art of arranging collections--to "letting the outside in"--an approach to incorporating light and nature to any room--John Wheatman lends his artistic sensibility to home-making.