Mission Metamorphosis (Used Book) - Robin R.  Ganzert, phD

Mission Metamorphosis (Used Book) - Robin R. Ganzert, phD

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Innovative advice for leading with grit and humanity

This inspirational guide by Robin R. Ganzert, PhD, president and CEO of one of the most renowned charities in America, will equip you with the leadership tools you need to increase your business revenue and efficiency dramatically, all while effecting positive change in the world.

When Dr. Ganzert took over the struggling animal safety and welfare non-profit American Humane, she performed a fiscal and brand rescue, and the organization was reborn. In Mission Metamorphosis, Dr. Ganzert presents the inventive techniques she employed to revamp American Humane, turning it into a top-rated charity and honoring its historic legacy. She also offers concrete information for creating your own success story, including how to: 

• Be a moral and ethical leader

• Achieve programmatic success 

• Keep a brand fresh and relevant 

• Promote constructive change in the community

• Tackle new problems with new solutions

• Bring in revenue every single day

By mixing engaging stories of animal rescue with prescriptive methods for growing and maintaining your business, Dr. Ganzert provides the motivation and tools required for you and your organization to survive and thrive.