Overnight Success - Morris Morrison

Overnight Success - Morris Morrison

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Many people have already experienced Morris Morrison's highly inspirational message on stage. Next, follow the journey of one of America's fastest-growing motivational speakers that took him from the bright lights of New York City to the coal-mining hills of West Virginia, where a hospital doctor changed Morris Morrison's life - forever. As you read along, the spirit of the American Dream will unfold before your eyes, and you'll be inspired as Morris Morrison exposes the #1 killer facing our world today - our desire to have instant gratification and Overnight Success. Overnight Success vividly illustrates Morris Morrison's journey to survive after losing his birth parents in New York City and his second set of parents as a teen. This unforgettable message reads like a Hollywood script that you just can't put down, as Morris Morrison uncovers the unexpected connection between culture, spoiled soccer kids, Netflix, country music and the #1 topic dominating everyone's mind today - how to get what We want.... faster.

THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU TO... Defeat the #1 KILLER of PROGRESS - Instant Gratification... Become ENERGIZED to live your life INTENTIONALLY... Use 7 Steps to TRANSITION your skills to the NEXT LEVEL... FIGHT HARDER when culture distracts your FOCUS... Be INSPIRED by A message that Keeps Your Attention...

THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOUR TEAM or ORGANIZATION to... Get energized to hit the RESET BUTTON for a New start... Have a POSITIVE mindset during CHANGE & Transitions... Achieve Clarity to FOCUS on what's most important... Never stop FIGHTING to achieve PURPOSE that matters... Utilize a structured process to accelerate REAL RESULTS...