What They Taught Me - Kelsey Chapman

What They Taught Me - Kelsey Chapman

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As an entrepreneur, Kelsey Chapman understands the doubts that hold us back—the moments we wonder, Am I capable? Am I qualified? Am I enough? She also knows what it’s like when God brings the right people to guide us through difficult seasons.  

In What They Taught Me, Kelsey weaves the stories of nine regular women who stepped into her life at the exact right moment. Each woman gave Kelsey a model and example that informed and inspired her during the most critical times of her life personally and professionally.

Combining personal stories with practical advice, Kelsey gives you the tools to
grow your mindset and core beliefs about yourself by linking arms with other women who’ve been there, done that live out your purpose when you let go of comparison and competition and embrace a community of encouragement where women support women.  Join Kelsey in reinventing the concept of mentorship and learn to cultivate meaningful relationships by investing in the lives of other women.