Queenie of Norwich (Used Paperback) - L.K. Wilde

Queenie of Norwich (Used Paperback) - L.K. Wilde

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"You're Nellie Westrop and don't you forget it.
We'll see each other again one day, but until we do, take good care of yourself.
Live a good life.
Now go, my love."

From the author of Silver Darlings comes LK Wilde's captivating portrayal of the life of Queenie Read.
Heart warming and breaking in equal measure, Queenie of Norwich is perfect for fans of The Foundling, Where the Crawdads Sing, and The Smallest Man.

People say you get one life, but I've lived three.

I was born Ellen Hardy in 1900, dragged up in Queen Caroline's Yard, Norwich.
There was nothing royal about our yard, and Mum was no queen.

At six years old Mum sold me. I became Nellie Westrop, roaming the country in a showman's wagon, learning the art of the fair.

And I've been the infamous Queenie of Norwich, moving up in the world by any means, legal or not.

I've been heart broken, abandoned, bought and sold, but I've never, ever given up.

After all, it's not where you start that's important, but where you end up.

Based on a true story, Queenie of Norwich is the compelling tale of one remarkable girl's journey to womanhood.
Spanning the first half of the 20th century, Queenie's story is one of heartbreak and triumph, love and loss and the power of family.
It is a story of redemption, and how, with grit and determination, anything is possible.