Skippyjon Jones (Used Hardcover) - Judy Schachner (Signed)

Skippyjon Jones (Used Hardcover) - Judy Schachner (Signed)

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Signed copy.

"I am not a Siamese cat..." says Skippyjon Jones, a rambunctious kitty boy with an overactive imagination. He would rather be El Skippito, his Zorro-like alter ego. Skippito, the great sword fighter can do anything. He knows just how to save a roving band of Mexican Chihuahuas from a humongous bumblebeeto that is tormenting them. Skippito gets the job done—yes indeed-o.

You can join Skippyjon Jones on his great adventures. But be warned—he's a rascal who stops at nothing. And he is out to steal your heart.

Judy Schnachner has a Siamese cat named Skippy who served as the inspiration for Skippyjon Jones. She also owns a dog and another Siamese cat. Ms. Schachner's books have been aclaimed by reviewers and readers. The Grannyman, a book about an old Siamese cat, won the Nebraska Golden Sower Awarn, and Yo, Vikings! won the Chapman Award from PlanetEsme for Best Classroom Read-Aloud for 2002.

Condition: Used book in Very Good condition.