Deadly Sins - Jack Steel

Deadly Sins - Jack Steel

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What if Dracula were 'alive' and well in Nevada, as a successful, wealthy, and driven VP?

Years ago, a young vampire prince laid down his life to keep his blood mate safe. In return, he carved out a spot at the top of the food chain in a type-A career. Life on a merry-go-round minus the merry.

Freed from a nightmare, Anna thinks her past is dead. Until tall, dark, hot & wicked reappears. Never mind he might just be her next client, she's up for auction and needs to avoid him like the plague.

Is she a pawn in some royal dating game? Someone had better start talking Brit as in now! Anna's more than a little miffed. And, of course, she can’t help locking lips with the gorgeous liar. In a reunion made in hell, these two lovers come to epic terms. As in hot, hard, and loud!

Welcome to the Vampire Games. Things aren't what they seem. Everyone has something to hide. Secrets are a commodity. Trust is for fools. Once you enter, there's no turning back. And do remember Rule #1: No one gets out alive.

New vampire dark-humor fantasy romance featuring a dysfunctional royal vampire family, transgender shapeshifters, a psychic who teaches salsa and the cha-cha, archangels and demon or two.
Vampire Games, #2