Sunshine and Shadow (Used Paperback) - Lynn Johnston

Sunshine and Shadow (Used Paperback) - Lynn Johnston

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In Sunshine and Shadow, Johnston's approach again radiates truth, humor, and compassion as the Pattersons deal with the illness and death of Elly's mother. Readers mourn with the Pattersons as they gather for a loving tribute, wishing their cherished mother could be there with them. "You know what, Dad?" Elly says to her father. "I bet she was." The family also watches as life goes on: college student Michael's love life heats up and Elizabeth has begun the transformation into a young adult. Through it all, John and Elly raise their brood-Michael, Elizabeth, and April, as well as Edgar the dog-with a liberal mix of love and laughter. Heartwarming and humorous, the Pattersons give readers a reason to smile while emphasizing what's really important in life.