The American Jubilee (Used Book) - Porter Stansberry

The American Jubilee (Used Book) - Porter Stansberry

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A major Jubilee is coming to America... soon.

Lots of people will be excited about this once-in-50-years event. The crowds will cheer. And politicians will promise new and better prosperity.

But what will actually happen is a national nightmare.

Americans are suffocating from overwhelming student-loan, auto, and credit-card debts. Meanwhile, wages have remained stagnant (or fallen) compared with inflation.

Low-income households don't have the funds to service the money they owe. And politicians will never allow tens of millions of our poorest citizens to go bankrupt.

There's only one way out: a chaotic and potentially violent financial revolution.

We're already seeing the early signs that this uprising is underway – race riots… violent protests… radicalized politics like the alt-right and "Black Lives Matter" movements…

As in any crisis, the wealthy will make a fortune. But for many, it will mean huge losses. All your hard-earned savings could be wiped out.

That's why Porter Stansberry wrote The American Jubilee.

In it, he explains how this shocking event is likely to play out... how it will affect you and your money... and most important, a few simple, but crucial steps you can take now to not only survive – but prosper – as it unfolds.