The Blizzard (Used Book) - Roger Quam

The Blizzard (Used Book) - Roger Quam

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The alumni of a senior high school class are invited to their first reunion-the 25th. Each is asked to write a biography of their life along with memories, good and bad. The 12 students attended all 12 grades together in the small rural town of Mozart, North Dakota, with 6 of the students from in town and 6 from a nearby Hutterite colony. The difference in traditions and culture posed some problems for both students and teachers. The class reunion is to be held in the converted Mozart Grade School Bed and Breakfast and is scheduled for the middle of December, and with bad weather always a risk. An unexpected 2-day blizzard snow bounds almost everyone. In the process, everyone and everything comes out safe with many unresolved situations from the past being dealt with, as are unresolved romances and broken marriages.