The Choice (Used Book) - Gillian McAllister

The Choice (Used Book) - Gillian McAllister

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A captivating, ingenious novel by the author of The Good Sister about a woman faced with an impossible choice after attacking an unknown assailant, urging readers to ask themselves: What would you do?

After a night out in London with a friend, Joanna Olivia finds herself walking home alone. As she makes her way to the Tube, she hears the sound every woman dreads: footsteps behind her, getting faster and louder. She's certain it's the man from the bar who wouldn't leave her alone, and she braces for the confrontation she feared since the night began. As he gets closer, she makes a snap decision, turning and pushing him before he gets to her first. The man tumbles down the stairs and lies motionless, facedown on the ground. Now what?

Addictive and compelling, The Choice follows the two paths Joanna's future might take, depending on the choice she makes. If she calls the police right away, she can save the man's life. Yet doing so puts her own innocence at risk, as she waits for judgment on a charge of assault and the hope that her husband and everyone she loves will stand by her. But if she runs and goes home as if nothing has happened, no one will ever know. No one saw her do it, and it's only up to Joanna to keep quiet...forever.