The Complete Golfer (Used Book) - H. W. Wind

The Complete Golfer (Used Book) - H. W. Wind

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The Complete Golfer – Herbert Warren Wind

The Complete Golfer , edited by Herbert Warren Wind, was first published by Simon & Schuster in 1954. In my opinion, it is one of the best golf anthologies that has been published, and will probably become a classic golf book in years to come. Between its covers, you will find some of the best writing on golf in the form of short stories, essays, humour and history.

There is a bit of something for every golf enthusiast in The Complete Golfer. You can sample the writing of P.G.Wodehouse and Paul Gallico, for example, and Charles Van Loan.

If reminiscence is your preference, The Complete Golfer has that as well. There are samples of writing by Horace G. Hutchinson, Chick Evans, H.B.Martin, O.B.Keller, Walter Hagen and the redoubtable Bernard Darwin. If you have never read any works by these classic golf writers, The Complete Golfer is the perfect place to start.

There is a section on great players, written by such well know personalities in the golfing fraternity as Henry Longhurst, Henry Leach, Charles B. Macdonald, Gene Sarazen and Joyce Wethered. If golf instruction and theory are more to your taste you can read about that in The Complete Golfer as well, with articles by Willie Park,Jr., Henry Cotton, Tommy Armour, Percy Boomer and Herb Graffis.

And, there is a section on golf architecture, for those who are interested in that subject.

The Complete Golfer is a great read, in my opinion, and is a perennial favorite with playing and non-playing golfers alike. It also makes a great choice for a gift.

Condition: New with plastic on book.