The First Husband - McGarvey Black

The First Husband - McGarvey Black

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What if everything you think you know is a lie?
While on vacation in India in 1988, Trina Holmgard meets and marries Sam, a poor but charming man. Returning home to New York to arrange his entry into the U.S. she gives him her heirloom locket as a pledge of her commitment.

As they correspond by letter and time passes, she begins to question his motives. Does he really love her or is it life in America that he wants? Deciding she has been deceived, Trina cuts off all contact with Sam and marries another man.

Driven by rage when he realizes his dreams have been shattered, Sam dedicates his life to getting revenge. But, how far will he go?

One thing is for certain, the world will never be the same again…