The Happiness Guide For Early Childhood Educators - Brian Duprey

The Happiness Guide For Early Childhood Educators - Brian Duprey

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In The Happiness Guide for Early Childhood Educators: Secrets to Living Your Best Life In and Out of the Classroom, the world’s leading expert in child care business development and owner of the Child Care Success Company, Kris Murray, teams up with certified child care coach, Brian Duprey, to bring you this powerhouse gem.Included are chapters on making a difference, health & wellness, goals & dreams, mindset, leadership, work ethic, and finances that will help all team members in a child care program to live their best lives, in and out of the classroom.You will follow co-teachers, Teresa and Jillian, as they read this book and embark on a journey of self-improvement in all areas of their lives. You will also meet many child care leaders in the back of the book that are busy making a difference each and every day by incorporating many of the gems in this book into their daily life.This is the fourth book from author Kris Murray, the #1 author of child care business books world wide. This is Brian Duprey’s second book. His other work, Child Care Millionaire, was an Amazon New Release Best Seller.The Child Care Success Company provides industry-leading early childhood business training and coaching services around the world. Please visit our website at