The Last Jihad (Used Book) - Joel C. Rosenberg

The Last Jihad (Used Book) - Joel C. Rosenberg

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Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy are two of the shrewdest strategists on Wall Street and close friends of the president of the United States. Their secret project: a billion-dollar oil deal off the coast of Tel Aviv and Gaza that could form the basis of a historic peace treaty and bring enormous wealth to every Israeli and Palestinian. But nothing has prepared Jon or Erin for the terror that lies ahead.

ā€¢Terrorists hijack a jet plane and fly a kamikaze mission into an American city.
ā€¢Israeli commandos foil a nuclear attack, but find evidence that the next targets could be Washington and New York.
ā€¢And suddenly the United States finds itself in a war in the Middle East over terrorism and weapons of mass destruction that will forever change the course of human history.