The  Magic Paintbrush (Used Book) - Jay E. Kreuger

The Magic Paintbrush (Used Book) - Jay E. Kreuger

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The world’s most famous painters battle it out over control of the MAGIC PAINTBRUSH, a YA artistic/fantasy. Imagine a paintbrush for a wand and a blank canvas for a book of spells where anything you can dream of is possible.
My tale begins over 550 years ago. The year was 1444. I was a Prince back then working my father’s fields, tending to the daily chores. We didn’t have much, but enough to earn a humble living. I had no idea what a dream was or could be. All I knew how to do was work a plough and milk a goat, skills that are perfectly useless. I’m still not really sure how a plough works?
Newcomers started arriving in the spring as they did every year. I met a painter by the name of Jared Botticelli. I was infatuated by this man’s talents with the brush. My father wanted me to go back to work out in the fields. I should have listened to him. Once I had the brush in hand though, I could never go back to my plain, boring farming life. The thrill of painting was in my blood.
This brush could do almost anything. It could bring inanimate objects to life, like turning flowers into butterflies, trees into monsters and tattoos into paint breathing dragons. It could do almost anything, but release me from my fate and that is why I stand before you hanging on the wall in this museum, trapped in this painting many years later telling you my story. I hope in some way my tale will help you with a dream that your father just doesn’t understand.