The Million Dollar Collar (Used Book) - Quinn Avery

The Million Dollar Collar (Used Book) - Quinn Avery

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A missing dog collar, a sorority house, and a kidnapping gone horribly wrong. Papaya Springs has kept Bexley Squires on her toes since her ill-fated return. But when a frantic celebrity from her past comes banging on the door of Stronghold Investigations, Bexley quickly offers her services.

With pressure from her hunky police detective boyfriend to move in, and her father and his trophy wife demanding help, Bexley is sucked down into a quagmire of emotional blackmail and self-doubt. Going from investigative reporter to private dick wasn’t much of a stretch, but going from a self-sufficient woman to playing house and feeling duped pushes Bexley to the snapping point.

With trouble brewing behind the too perfect façade of Kappa Kappa, Bexley uncovers something much more sinister than a simple theft. When her own innocence unexpectedly comes under question, she’ll need her network of friends more than ever.