The Seventh Message (Used Book) - William T. Johnstone

The Seventh Message (Used Book) - William T. Johnstone

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Her first day on the job FBI Agent Ashley Kohen investigates a body buried in the desert and embarks on a dangerous hunt to find the killer. Federal agencies decipher encrypted messages that expose plans to kill millions of Americans by a militant jihadist who has infiltrated the country. Saddled with bureaucratic obstacles, Ashley strikes out on her own, finds the terrorist and must prevent him from carrying out an attack intended to dwarf 9/11. A page turner, The Seventh Message is a suspenseful story of a horrific threat, an epic national response and heroic personal sacrifice.
Embodied in the novel is the recognition that the American Intelligence Community has evolved into a coordinated and cohesive undertaking that is able to protect our country from terrorist attack better now than in the past. Also it is noted the American Muslins have integrated into our society and have died for our freedoms. Terrorism is an abuse of religion for personal gain and misguided values.