The Sphere (The Magi Series) (Used Book) - Kevin M. Turner

The Sphere (The Magi Series) (Used Book) - Kevin M. Turner

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The Race for the Sphere Begins!

It’s a new year for Elijah Hawk and the Magi students. After spending the previous year avoiding lethal attacks by the evil Maliphists and risking his life to break his uncle out of prison, Elijah welcomes a summer of peace and relaxation. But things don’t stay peaceful for long.

The Maliphists are after a legendary sphere—an ancient weapon that’s been hidden for centuries, capable of mass destruction. And Elijah has been given a quest to find it before the Maliphists do. However, there’s one catch. He must keep his quest a secret.

Now, Elijah must pour himself into the ancient history of the Magi, looking for clues that will literally take him to the ends of the Earth searching for the lost sphere, all the while keeping up with his other obligations for a Magi in training, such as learning to use the elements in battle.

But when things go terribly wrong, keeping his mission a secret becomes much more complicated, and Elijah must decide between his ultimate quest or the safety of those he loves.