The Stagecraft Handbook (Used Paperback) - Daniel A. Ionazzi

The Stagecraft Handbook (Used Paperback) - Daniel A. Ionazzi

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Get the complete, illustrated guide to scenery construction

Using nails and wood, fabric and paint, hardware and rigging, you create an illusion. You build the make-believe world of the play.

Now you have a scene-shop manual to help you. In "The Stagecraft Handbook," Daniel A. Ionazzi, director of production for the UCLA Department of Theater, offers trap-room-to-grid guidance. Clearly written, heavily illustrated, this book covers every aspect of scenery construction.

Turn here and learn about:
the four primary stage configurations–proscenium, thrust, arena and environmental
flying scenery and moving floors
organizing the scene shop to make good scenery quickly and inexpensively
shop tools and safety
scaled drawings, models and other communications tools you'll use to translate the designer's vision into a set
materials commonly used in building scenery
construction techniques for flats, platforms and other standard scenic units
installing and rigging scenery
maintaining an inventory of stock scenery