The Undead Pets Collection in Box (Used Paperbacks) - Sam Hay

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What happens when a beloved pet refuses to go through to the other side? Dive into this set of 8 books and read about the adventures of your favorite undead pets. From the Hungry Hamster to the Doomed Dog, explore the lives of these zombie pets who won't rest in peace. Meet Joe and explore his adventures of helping these 8 undead pets in this exclusive box set!

  • Return Of The Hungry Hamster
  • Revenge Of The Phantom Furball
  • Night Of The Howling Hound
  • Goldfish From Beyond The Grave
  • Rise Of The Zombie Rabbit
  • Flight Of The Pummeled Parakeet
  • Gasp Of The Ghoulish Guinea Pig
  • Hour Of The Doomed Dog

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