The World Within:  A Novel of Emily Bronte - Jane Eagland

The World Within: A Novel of Emily Bronte - Jane Eagland

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Emily Brontë loves her sisters, responsible Charlotte and quiet Anne, and her brother, tempestuous Branwell. She loves the moors that stretch all around her home and the village of Haworth, and she loves wandering over them even in the worst of weather. Most of all, she loves the writing that she and her siblings share, creating imaginary kingdoms, vivid characters, and exciting adventures.

But change comes to the family when their beloved father falls ill, and Emily's happy, isolated world crumbles. Charlotte is sent away to school, where she meets new friends and new ideas. Branwell is growing up and becoming absorbed in his own concerns, with no time for little sisters. And even dependable Anne, in the end, lets Emily down. She is left alone to face her enemies—old insecurities from the past that haunt Emily, and threaten to overwhelm her.

Will Emily be able to conquer her fears? Will she come to terms with the power of nature that, for all its wild beauty, also brings death and destruction? Will she be able to master the fierce passions of her imagination and find her own true voice?

From the award-winning author Jane Eagland, The World Within tells the story of a young writer struggling to find herself, and offers a window into the mind of the treasured but mysterious author of Wuthering Heights.