Breathe - Douglas A. Van Belle

Breathe - Douglas A. Van Belle

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Nine People Are Trapped In A Refuge That Can Only Recycle Enough Air For Four. Five Must Die If Any Will Survive.

Karl’s insane little scheme backfires spectacularly, and the general quarters alarm leads Doc to discover that her husband John is having an affair with Zoey, Aquarius’s mousy little botanist. The rest of the crew think Doc’s violent reac- tion is amusing and they gather in the sick bay to watch her give John a good beating. Unfortunately, it’s not a drill and their failure to follow drill protocol leaves nine of them trapped in an emergency refuge that can only support four. The nearest hope of rescue is months away and it looks like some must die if any are to survive. Doc has a solution, but her vicious attack on John has left the already stressed crew so jumpy that that she can’t even propose it. Instead, she disguises it as a way to carry out their lottery of death. She’ll take nine syringes and load five of them with something lethal, the lots and the means in one. They accept but she has tricked them, loading an anesthetic in all of the syringes. A se- dated person uses far less air than even a sleeping person, so if most of them stay sedated, it looks like they all should all survive.