What Difference Do It Make? - Ron Hall, Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent

What Difference Do It Make? - Ron Hall, Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent

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Some Stories Just Can’t Be Stopped . . .

What Difference Do It Make? continues the hard-to-believe story of hope and reconciliation that began with the New York Times bestseller, Same Kind of Different as Me . Ron Hall and Denver Moore, unlikely friends and even unlikelier coauthors—a wealthy fine-art dealer and an illiterate homeless African American—share the hard-to-stop story of how a remarkable woman’s love brought them together. Now, in What Difference Do It Make? Ron and Denver along with Lynn Vincent offer:

more of the story —with untold anecdotes, especially Ron’s struggle with his difficult father and Denver’s dramatic stint in Angola prison

the rest of the story —how Same Kind of Different as Me came to be written and changed the lives of its authors

the ongoing story —true tales of hope from people whose lives have been changed by Ron and Denver’s story and how they make a difference in their worlds

your part in the story —wise, practical, and hard-lived guidance for how you can make a difference to those in need

plus intriguing extras —including full-page color samples of Denver’s paintingsDeeply moving but never sappy or sentimental, What Difference Do It Make? answers its own question with a simple and emphatic answer. What difference can one person (or two) make in the world? A lot!