Wyatt (Used Book) - Susan May Warren

Wyatt (Used Book) - Susan May Warren

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NHL Hockey Goalie Wyatt Marshall has everything—fame, money and a thriving career. But he's hiding the two things that matter most...a career-ending injury, and his broken heart. He's been in love with Coco Stanley since she walked into his life at age fourteen, a foster child for the Marshall family. But she walked out of his life...and he can't figure out why.

Coco Stanley is tired of secrets, of living with an assumed name and lying to Wyatt. But if he discovers why she left him, it might just destroy him. She's resigned herself to loving him from afar...

When Coco is shot and left in Russia, her fate unknown, there is nothing—nothing—that will stop Wyatt from finding her. So what if he's not one of his super-heroic brothers, not a Ranger, not a SEAL... Wyatt is a hockey goalie, a special kind of brave. Except, is he brave enough to face the secret Coco is keeping?

What Wyatt and Coco don't know is that revenge is stalking her and bringing her home just might cost them their long-awaited happy ending.