Consummate Betrayal - Mary Yungeberg

Consummate Betrayal - Mary Yungeberg

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FBI Special Agent Rowan Milani doesn't expect his life to be turned upside down when he arrives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for an Anti-Terrorism Task Force operation. But the clandestine side of his life catches up with him as he circumvents the target on his back one too many times.

Be drawn into Rowan's frightening journey as he encounters a gullible Intelligence Community, the bloodthirsty media and a terror-weary country, all willing to believe the worst about the son of an Iranian immigrant.

Set against the backdrop of an insidious terror plot, Consummate Betrayal is a rich tapestry of intertwining relationships based on unconditional love, sacrificial friendship, and the courage of a fiercely honorable man pursued by relentless evil. Cover photo of Nicholas Guilak by Bjoern Kommerell.