Wabanaki Blues (P) - Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

Wabanaki Blues (P) - Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

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When Mona Lisa LaPierre, aka “the girl who never smiles,” is sent to stay with Grumps, her reclusive grandfather, she is not exactly thrilled. Still, she slings her beloved guitar, Rosalita, over her shoulder and sets out to meet her destiny – which pops up, variously, as a blonde bear named Marilynn, a fellow musician named Del, and a green-flamed motorcycle that was last seen racing away from her high school the day a student named Mia Delaney disappeared eighteen years ago. Mona’s search for Mia’s murderer becomes a quest for identity, love and meaning, and she is guided along the way by Grumps and her dead grandmother, Bilki, whose spirit speaks to her in moments of need.

The Wabanaki Trilogy, #1