A Criss-Cross Christmas (Used Paperback) - Christie Logan

A Criss-Cross Christmas (Used Paperback) - Christie Logan

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These two pets just made the naughty list—and Santa doesn’t play!
Streetwise feline Catso and pampered pup Cuddles can’t stand each other. When their feud at the local animal shelter’s holiday fundraiser ruins the chances for dozens of homeless animals, Santa Claus is very disappointed.

Still, he’s willing to give this cat and dog another chance. With his Christmas Magic, Santa rolls back the clock and offers them a do-over—but he never told them they’d switch places!

Now Catso finds himself in the silly pooch’s body, dealing with a baby-talking owner, an unhappy young girl, and drama at Doggie Day Care. Cuddles, who’s always been cared for, must live as a street cat, fending for herself with only a grumpy old man for company.

To return to their own bodies, Cuddles and Catso must make sure the shelter’s event runs smoothly this time around. If they succeed, they’ll help the animals, make Santa happy, and maybe even bring some Christmas Magic into the lives of people who need it most.