A Fan of Death and Shakespeare (Used Paperback) - Rick Lacey

A Fan of Death and Shakespeare (Used Paperback) - Rick Lacey

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Are you ready for the next extraordinary leap in the female-driven thriller?

Identical twin sisters were born intelligent, gorgeous, and bi-polar. As young girls they suffered a horrific trauma that caused the psychological phenomena of Folie a Deux or Madness of Two. Both hear the voice and see the face of their dead father in their minds, demanding actions. Cycling between manic and depressive states, they have learned to function by sharing the same identity. They know the only way to cure themselves is to take vengeance and kill the man who is responsible for their father's death and their psychotic transformation.
A series of murders of highly placed executives of one of the world's largest oil companies seems to be an effort to stop a brutal corporate downsizing. Authorities are baffled as each murder exonerates the prime suspect in the previous murder. Each killing brings our psychotic sisters closer to the man whose death would be their salvation, a man who will be very hard to kill.

You’ll find yourself cheering for the psychotic killers and against the innocent victims going into the mind-blowing final scene.