Concealed in Shadow (Used Paperback) - L. T. Ryan

Concealed in Shadow (Used Paperback) - L. T. Ryan

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When Cassie lands in Chicago, all she knows is that Detective Harris has a lead on what happened to David. But when they meet face to face, Cassie realizes her friend is grasping at straws, and the glimmer of hope she sees on the horizon fades fast. At every turn, it feels like Cassie’s life is crumbling around her.

Until, that is, she notices a mysterious shadow following her around the city. Cassie has never experienced a haunting quite like this, but if she can puzzle out its purpose, it might just lead to some real answers.

The truth isn’t always easy to bear, and Cassie soon discovers maybe she didn’t know David as well as she thought. And while she and the detective hunt down an assassin with ties back in Savannah, he’s patiently stalking them from the shadows.