The Further Adventures of Pengey Penguin (Used Hardcover) - John Burns

The Further Adventures of Pengey Penguin (Used Hardcover) - John Burns

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The Further Adventures of Pengey Penguin picks up exactly where the first novel left off. It is a three part book that tells of 'the littlest penguin's' introduction to his life with mankind.

At first, Pengey must recover from his exhausting journey chronicled in the first book. He did trek across continents, mountain ranges, rain forests and oceans in what took many weeks where food was scarce and the temperature not fit for a young emperor penguin. Thankfully there is a kindhearted doctor who knows all about Pengey's kind. So things might not turn out as bleak as they seem.

In the second part, Pengey must learn about living in a temperate climate, in New York City, in an apartment, with his adopted human mom, Wendy. There is also the small matter, the general confusion that Pengey is a penguin with an IQ of 178, he can actually talk and he knows nothing about the traditions or laws of mankind.

In the third part, Pengey finds all the furry animals who live in Central Park. None have ever met a penguin. Pengey's never met a duck, rabbit, squirrel, a field mouse, badger or a skunk. Problems could ensue but Pengey finds that he speaks Animal very well and is accepted into the Central Park animal community.  Nevertheless, and no sooner than do things straighten out and an epic crime of Big City proportion unfolds.

Naturally Pengey cannot let Christmas for the orphanage be ruined. And so another great adventure with an entirely new cast of characters gets underway.