Crossfire Trail (Used Hardcover) - Louis L'Amour

Crossfire Trail (Used Hardcover) - Louis L'Amour

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"I made my promise and I'll keep it."

Rafe Caradec--gambler, soldier of fortune, wanderer from far-off places--had made a promise to a dying man. To save his ranch in Wyoming for his wife and daugther.

All Rafe knew was that a lot of mighty powerful men were out to get that ranch. Rafe couldn't understand why until he discovered the secret hidden deep in the land--the secret Rodney's enemies had found long before.

Right now Rodney's daugther believed Rafe was a crook, and she was playing into the hands of the men who were plotting to destroy her.

But Rafe figured a way to save the land--and the girl.

It was dangerous but it was the only way he knew.