EJ12 Girl Hero:  Choc Shock (# 5) (P) - Susannah McFarlane

EJ12 Girl Hero: Choc Shock (# 5) (P) - Susannah McFarlane

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Special Agent EJ12, code-cracking spy girl extraordinaire, foils evil plans all over the world.
Emma Jacks worries about mean girls and not having perfect hair.
EJ12 is Emma Jacks.
Saving the world is the easy part.
In Choc Shock, SHADOW is cooking up a new invention which could put SHINE in a real jam. It’s a recipe for disaster! Special Agent EJ12 needs to be patient and keep her eyes peeled. She must get inside the chocolate cake bakery, find out what is going on and stop SHADOW’s plan.
With themes that include protecting the environment, animals, plenty of humor and some pretty cool spy gadgets, EJ12 Girl Hero books are the perfect blend of real-life dilemmas and fast-paced spy adventures.