Extreme Golf (Used Book) - Duncan Lennard

Extreme Golf (Used Book) - Duncan Lennard

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Extreme Golf is a captivating journey through the world's most geographically extreme, climatically challenging, dangerous and uniquely designed courses.

From the sweltering courses of the desert to the freezing ice golf championships in Greenland, and from the erotically shaped bunkers in lush surroundings in France to the harsh surfaces in Kabul, golf is clearly no longer the elite sport it once was. Today's golfers (at least the ones not wearing plaid pants) are looking for the extreme-where the rough is patrolled by wild animals and the greens are sometimes white.

This lushly illustrated book features more than 200 breathtaking and often hilarious photographs capturing the true spirit of extreme golf, accompanied by light-hearted and engaging text. Including an appendix listing the unusual courses around the world (in case you'd like to make a tee time), Extreme Golf's chapters include:

- Location, Location, Location (out of the way places in the world)
- Courses for Concern (difficult due to geographic oddities)
- Golf by Design (in which the course designer influences the extreme setup)
- In the Rough (really hard courses in really strange places)