Homebrewing For Dummies (Used Paperback) - Marty Nachel

Homebrewing For Dummies (Used Paperback) - Marty Nachel

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Have you ever had a microbrew beer and wondered how it was made? Ever think you could do better? Like homemade apple, homebrewed beer is a personal, distinctive treat that is delightfully gratifying to make, consume, and share with friends and family! Homebrewing is a hobby shared by approximately 1.5 million people in the United States alone. A tradition originating in ancient civilizations, modern technology has made the process easier than ever before. Homebrewing For Dummies is for everyone who has ever considered homebrewing, but thought it might be too hard or complicated. Or if you've tried homebrewing without great success, you'll find guidelines, recipes, and equipment advice to help you improve your brew. Even if you're already a successful homebrewer, you'll find useful tips for making your beer competition quality. Find authoritative material to answer such questions about:

Beeraphernalia Malts, hops, and grains Additives and preservatives Finings and clarifiers Sanitizing and bottling Troubleshooting Go ahead and feel confident about buying the equipment, setting up shop, cooking the right mix of ingredients, and bottling your brew with personalized labels! You can choose from dozens of ale, lager, and mixed-style recipes (all with standard pounds, gallons, and ounce measurements) or craft your own recipe. Homebrewing For Dummies helps you get your first batch underway in just two hours with accessible information on:

Equipment for beginning, intermediate, and advanced brewers The four primary ingredients in beer The nuts-and-bolts of beer Beer evaluation Getting involved in competitions Gadgets, gizmos, and must-haves No other guide can offer the same convenient cheat sheets, friendly, hands-on advice, and step-by-step directions for making award-winning recipes. Whether a serious, future member of the American Homebrewers Association or a curious hobbyist, you'll find everything you need to be drinking homemade beer in about three weeks.