Life's Final Season: A Guide for Aging and Dying with Grace (used book) - Richard P. Holm M.D.

Life's Final Season: A Guide for Aging and Dying with Grace (used book) - Richard P. Holm M.D.

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In his new book, medical doctor Richard P. Holm provides wise counsel for all aging people and for those caring for them. Dr. Holm guides the reader in how to see aging as a privilege, not a failure, and how to avoid the perils that come with the experience. Also, after dealing with his own pancreatic cancer, Holm provides a unique perspective on how to prepare for and face the dying process with grace.

However, the book is more than just a guide to aging and dying with grace. Dr. Holm is a superbly trained and experienced internist and geriatrician, who blends modern medicine with Midwestern wisdom.

• He advises a life of regular physical activity, enhanced social interaction, and good food comprised of balanced and moderate portions.

• He advocates avoiding unnecessary pills and only the limited use of some supplements.

• He speaks to the importance of intense listening, selflessness, the value of ethical thinking, and the making of living wills.

• While giving value to caregivers, he explains how to define dementia and how to care for those with declining function.

• Holm provides methods for the elderly to avoid scams, abuse, suffering, and the fear of death.

• The Prairie Doc®, as Dr. Holm is often called, points out why all of us, but especially baby boomers, are at risk for pain and anguish from futile medical intervention at the end of our lives. He clarifies how two-thirds of elderly Americans unnecessarily die in hospitals rather than at home.

• When it’s time, and when it’s certain, Dr. Holm shows us ways to face death with courage, in comfort, and at home, when possible.

His unusual combination of experiences qualifies him to be a voice of reason for anyone facing Life's Final Season.