Lone Cowboy: My Life Story (Used Paperback) - Will James

Lone Cowboy: My Life Story (Used Paperback) - Will James

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Dear Folks,

Here's a long story for you with no names to speak of--so, you won't be bothered by the names of the creeks and cow camps you might never heard of--and of riders you wouldn't know--but if you have been in the cow country and are acquainted with the lay of it--you'll have a lot of fun recognizing the spots where I drifted thru. If you don't know the cow country I think you'll like to come out and get lost in it for a spell. You'll know it by the time you ride with me through these pages--the whole West from the far north to the south.

There's more than plain riding and covering territory in this story...

...Here's a gentle horse for you. Climb on and follow me.

Will James