Not All Diamonds and Rose' (Used Hardcover) - Dave Quinn

Not All Diamonds and Rose' (Used Hardcover) - Dave Quinn

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For the first time in the ultimate reunion, the ladies of The Real Housewives dish on the iconic moments we’ll never forget and the off-camera drama we’ve never seen before. From flipped tables to thrown tiki torches, from Atlanta to Beverly Hills, this is the definitive story of the Real Housewives.

For the first time, the Real Housewives go on the record with the incredible story of the juggernaut franchise. With the full support of Bravo and Andy Cohen, Not All Diamonds and Rosé is the definitive tell-all of the hit television saga, from its unlikely start in the gated communities of Orange County, to the pop culture behemoth it has become—spanning seven cities, hundreds of cast members, and millions of fans. This is the whole story straight from the lips of the women and men who have made it one of America’s favorite television shows.

Amassing hours of exclusive interviews with the wives, husbands, friends-of, and crew members behind the scenes, People magazine writer and author Dave Quinn gets the unfiltered truth about legendary rivalries and off-camera revelations never before shared. With the stories behind iconic lines like “whooping it up” and “who gon’ check me, boo?” and deep dives into the most explosive vacation moments in the show’s history, this is your VIP pass to the lives behind the glam squads, talking heads, and paparazzi shots.

Not All Diamonds and Rosé is the must-have book for every Housewives obsessed fan and casual viewer. So pour an ice-cold glass of pinot grigio (or three), forget your worries, and listen close. The ladies are about to get real.