And Then, We Laughed (Used Paperback) - Delaine Shay

And Then, We Laughed (Used Paperback) - Delaine Shay

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Who, if anyone, could protect me? Why would a loving God do all of this?

As a child, some tragic deaths happened in our family; one of them was when my dad accidentally backed over my four-year-old brother. Two weeks later Mom had emergency surgery. Many other adversities happened in my childhood. Also, a teenager and adult, there were more losses and I made some wrong choices when trying to deal with them. The harder I tried to come up with solutions, the more frustrating my life became. I went to church, hoping that one day I could figure out what I was missing. Despite my spiritual feelings of emptiness, I would later find out that God was with me all along; I came to understand He had been reaching out to me to help me through those tough situations. On the evening of October 3, 1986, I realized that I was addicted to alcohol and then early the following morning I had a clear sensation of being cradled in the arms of my Heavenly Father.

This is an intimate story of perseverance, courage, faith and humor despite some of life's toughest challenges. It includes tragic deaths, depression and an ongoing recovery from alcoholism. Her book shows how God took the messes of her life and made them a message of His grace and mercy.