Shrubs for South Dakota (Used Paperback) - John Ball

Shrubs for South Dakota (Used Paperback) - John Ball

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Shrubs add beauty, color, and texture to your home landscape. But shrubs are more than just "ornaments," as the authors of this book point out. Shrubs can also provide homes and food for wildlife. As living screens, others can offer privacy and protection from wind and snow. Shrubs personalize and enhance the value of your property. But how to know which one is "best" for you? Drawing from their experience as SDSU horticulturists, the authors describe a large variety of plants, using symbols and text to show ornamental features, mature shape, wildlife value, soil and shade preferences, and cultural requirements for each shrub. Whether landscaping for the first time, replacing a "scraggler" or two, or just dreaming, you will find this book shrubs that offer you beauty and pleasure for years to come.

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