The Call of the Wild (Used Paperback) - Julie Fison

The Call of the Wild (Used Paperback) - Julie Fison

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Phoebe Wright and her besties Annabel and Kimmi have been invited to the coolest party of the year! But when Phoebe realizes it's on the same night as her Wild Club's movie night fundraiser, she's totally torn about what to do.


Phoebe and her friends decide to help out with the fundraiser. but soon Annabel is hanging out with Wild Club cutie Liam, and Phoebe feels weird about it. Sure, Liam is hot, but Phoebe only likes him as a friend, right?


Phoebe decides she can't abandon her friends, who are desperate for her to go to the party. Besides, Annabel and Kimmi are setting Phoebe up with Highgrove hottie Saia. But will the party be all the girls hope it will be?

In this pick-a-path story you get to make Phoebe's decisions, and choose where her story goes. Follow your heart right to the end, or go back and choose all over again.

Name on Inside Cover in marker