The Day it Rained Ducks (Used Book) - Lane Walker

The Day it Rained Ducks (Used Book) - Lane Walker

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Blair Thomas lives in the friendly, lakeside town of Lainey, Michi- gan, on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. Lainey boasts superb hunt- ing opportunities and offers visitors miles of sandy shoreline and weekend tours of the historic Tesla Lighthouse. It's the beginning of the fall, duck hunting season, and Blair and her dad are busy preparing for her very first duck hunt. The forecast is calling for extremely high winds and rain, absolutely perfect weather for duck hunting it doesn't get any better than this!

Excitement mounts as Blair, her dad, and their faithful chocolate lab, Mac, head in their johnboat toward Edmond Island, four miles offshore. But things start to spiral out of control quickly as two massive storms collide, creating an historic storm directly overhead. Storms like this are dangerous, and this one turns out to be much worse than Blair or her dad could ever have imagined.