The Deerslayer (Used Hardcover) - James Fenimore Cooper

The Deerslayer (Used Hardcover) - James Fenimore Cooper

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Condition: This book and its cardboard slipcover are in Good Condition. The book cover is faded and has some stains. The pages are clean and unmarked. The slipcover has some small stains but otherwise shows little wear.  While the slipcover in the image is blue, the actual slipcover is tan.

A restless white youth raised by Indians, Natty Bumppo is called Deerslayer for the daring that sets him apart from his peers. But he has yet to meet the test of human conflict. In a tale of violent action and superbly sustained suspense, the harsh realities of tribal warfare force him to kill his first foe, then face torture at the stake. Still yet another kind of initiation awaits him when he discovers not only the ruthlessness of "civilized" men, but also the special danger of a woman's will. His reckless spirit transformed into mature courage and moral certainty, the Deerslayer emerges to face life with nobility as pure and proud as the wilderness whose fierce beauty and freedom have claimed his heart.

Published 1961 Heritage Press