The Hidden War in Argentina: British & American Espionage in World War II (Used Paperback) - Panagiotis Dimitrakis

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Published in 2020 by Bloomsbury Academic.

Though officially neutral until March 1945, Argentina played a key role during World War II as a base for the South American intelligence operations of the major powers. The most famous spymaster of them all was Johannes Siegfried Becker (codename: Sargo), the man responsible for organizing most of the Nazi intelligence gathering in Latin America and the leader of `Operation Bolivar', which sought to bring South America into the war on the side of the Axis powers. Much to the dismay of the talented MI6 station chief Reginald `Rex' Miller, the Argentinian government appeared to be in thrall to the Abwehr's slick operations. But when the USA entered the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, everything changed. The US state department pressured every South American country to join it in declaring war on Germany, and J Edgar Hoover authorized huge investments in South American intelligence operations. Argentina refused to join the conflict, triggering a US embargo that squeezed the county economically to breaking point. Despite its stance, Argentina did supply cattle to Great Britain along the Atlantic shipping lanes that were so vital in 1944. But Buenos Aires continued to be a hub for espionage, as high-ranking Nazi exiles sought refuge there.

The Hidden War in Argentina reveals the stories of the spymasters, British, Americans and Germans who plotted against each other throughout the Second World War in Argentina. This book is based on newly declassified files and details of the operations of MI6, the Abwehr, the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) and the FBI, as well as the OSS and the SOE. Most significantly the Secrets of Buenos Aires reveals for the first time the coups of Britain's MI6 during the hidden war in Argentina.

Condition:  Used book in Good condition.