The Monster Who Ate the State (Used Book) - Chris Browne

The Monster Who Ate the State (Used Book) - Chris Browne

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With a rumbling from the deep and a drawn-out ROAR Soozy the dinosaur is awake and HUNGRY. Bang Bang Tap Tap The scientists at an underground laboratory in South Dakota are busy with their experiments. A creature who has slumbered for many years under the earth wakes up. Soozy opens her eyes and, with a big yawn, emerges from the Black Hills. She makes her way across the state searching for food and friends. The world she discovers is far different from the one she left behind. Munching on motorcycles, chasing bison, and seeing the sights, Soozy hunts for a new place to call home. Illustrations from cartoonist Chris Browne bring the prehistoric Soozy to life as he regales readers with the adventures of the traveling dinosaur and describes the unique places she visits in the Mount Rushmore State.