The Moon is Round (Used Book) - Molly Huffman

The Moon is Round (Used Book) - Molly Huffman

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Everyone has dreams for their life. What do you do when those dreams are shattered and you find yourself questioning everything you once believed?Molly Huffman didn’t want anything special – a house, a husband, and children. It didn’t seem like too much to ask. After all, she had been a good person and tried to follow God. Why would God not want to fulfill her desires?But then death came crashing into her life – taking people, relationships, and all of her plans. The fairy-tale life Molly had dreamed of was gone, and she was forced to wrestle with this God she thought she knew. Could she trust a God who would allow such pain?In The Moon Is Round, Molly shares her unfathomable story of grief. As you journey with her through her poignantly honest struggle to live with broken dreams, you’ll discover how God uses suffering to rebuild foundations, authenticate faith, and create greater joy and peace than you ever thought possible.