The Motivation Game (Used Book) - Dr. Mike Grevlos

The Motivation Game (Used Book) - Dr. Mike Grevlos

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I wrote this book for golfers, parents, swing instructors, coaches, and mental performance consultants. Most golfers rarely play to the level of their capabilities and few improve to the level of their ideals. Although there have been great advancements in the sport of golf, including equipment and instructional technology, and convenient access to knowledge related to golf fitness, biomechanics, data analytics, full swing and short-game instruction, and the mental game, golfers still struggle to get better. I believe there are two main reasons for this. First, most golfers are unaware of and have not acquired the motivational foundations necessary to play great golf. Second, golfers have not fully utilized the principles of self-regulation and the psychology of practice in order to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts. In this book, I share a new perspective on the mental game that enhances the quality of participation, practice, and play and has the potential to become the major paradigm in golf improvement.