The Practical Book Of Built-In Furniture - Henry Williams

The Practical Book Of Built-In Furniture - Henry Williams

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EVERY home needs built-in units of various kinds. Even when there isn't a lack of storage space — of which few homes ever have enough — built-ins can be the answer to the problem of cutting the cost of furnishing. And that's not all. Be­sides taking the place of movable furniture, and saving money in the process, they can utilize otherwise unused space, or substitute order for wasteful untidiness. Further­more, with built-in units you can remodel almost any interior. You can convert one room into two. You can fill in openings, construct seats, beds, dressers, kitchen counters and so on, utilizing both wall and floor space for storage of all kinds. You can make usable rooms of bare attics and cellars and turn odd corners in the garage into storage or working space.

Condition: Used book in Good condition, some tears on dust jacket.