The Prisoner (Used Book) - Alex Berenson

The Prisoner (Used Book) - Alex Berenson

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It is the most dangerous mission of John Wells s career.
Evidence is mounting that someone high up in the CIA is doing the unthinkable passing messages to ISIS, alerting them to planned operations. Finding out the mole s identity without alerting him, however, will be very hard, and to accomplish it, Wells will have to do something he thought he d left behind forever. He will have to reassume his former identity as an al Qaeda jihadi, get captured, and go undercover to befriend an ISIS prisoner in a secret Bulgarian prison.

Many years before, Wells was the only American agent ever to penetrate al Qaeda, but times have changed drastically. The terrorist organizations have multiplied: gotten bigger, crueler, more ambitious and powerful. Wells knows it may well be his death sentence. But there is no one else."