The Quest for Rividia (Used Paperback) - Michael G Perrin

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Published in 2014.

You are Tsai-a promising black-belt practitioner among the Shint warrior monks . . .Welcome to the world of Shanoong. Since childhood, you have trained to master the esoteric martial arts practiced within the Shint monastic guilds of Escrinn. Only a few short weeks ago, an army of monsters, having marched south from the mountains, pierced the fog shrouding one fateful night to launch a massive assault against your people. Though brief, the battle that ensued carried grave consequences. Upon those battlefields, more than two-thirds of your brothers- and sisters-in-arms were massacred. Many of those who still live do so bed-ridden, striving in vain to hold out against the Bloodbane, a cursed disease inflicted upon the Shint people during the attack. Having been selected by your master, you will begin a trek with a team of hand-picked warriors to climb into the frozen Cadcliff Mountains and scour its highest peaks in search of the legendary Rividia plant. Held within its beautiful blossoms is the last hope of curing your countrymen against the foul plague reducing their numbers by the day.